Questions, I have many!

Whom to ask for answers?

I have so many questions. I seek answers.

From all those around me!

Some nod. A few commiserate. A couple empathize.
Lots of them share their opinions and views.
Some whine and opine the victim card.

Answers still elude me.

I have asked, googled, and searched.

Why me?

Or do you also have the same issue — that of unanswered questions?
And unending searches.

The solutions appear when you start doing something else.

Our subconscious continues to be in search mode.

It is like the cocktail party effect. You cannot hear the person speaking in front of you because…


Honest to god, will you?

Would you play a rigged game?

It was as if the world was against Venkat.

He kept fighting.
He kept losing at times.
Yet he kept smiling.

Much to everyone’s wonder and irritation.

Whatever Venkat wanted to do, there was always some stiff opposition.
Always a villain or two wanting to thwart his growth.

Venkat persevered. And participated in all the competitions where he knew his skills would be tested.

What happens when someone is good and knows he is good…..?

That person is branded a know-it-all, a show-off, arrogant and snobbish.

Venkat’s close circle knew otherwise. How helpful, warm, and caring he was. I was…



Judging others, aren’t we super quick…?

Pic Pravin Shekar

What can I tell you about this Baskaran?

I have known him for years, still, am yet to understand him.

Every time we meet, he seems to be doing something new. Something different. Unconnected.

He seemed to enjoy it as well.

Travel to various parts of the world.
Rearing pets. Many pets. Dogs and cats.
Opening another business.
Advising at least three other companies.
Cycling 1000 Kilometres.
One more business.

I had decided that the next time we meet, I will give him a piece of my mind. We had a good equation and could be pretty open with one another.


32 : Sridhar Part 2

Desire mixed Desperation, and a devil may care attitude is a powder keg combination.

I WANT THAT JOB. What am I ready to do for it?

This story of Sridhar Ramanathan is inspired by his Linkedin Post.
I am, as usual, an observer and a raconteur. In this case, the story core is Sridhar’s. The screenplay, dialogue, and masala addition: all mine!

25 years young, and I was clear about what I wanted to do.
At least where I wanted to work.

My uncle was surprised at this clarity, and my family was behind me. With that wind beneath my wings, I set out to accomplish my desire.

I wanted to work at Ogilvy Advertising.
Don’t ask me why! Don’t you have a dream company that you want to work or be associated with?

It was the same with me.

I wanted it. I wanted it…


It happens for most of us, in work and in life!


(Inspired by R. Sridhar’s Linkedin post.)

My first flight, and I was extremely excited. I always wanted to fly on a plane, and here was an opportunity.

My manager called and asked me to visit the head office for a meeting. When the unexpected happens, the joy does multiply.

I finished packing the night before and couldn’t sleep much. The first time.

I arrived at the airport well ahead of time. I spent the entire three hours walking, gawking, and observing everything around — like a kid in a candy store. I was the first on the airplane, and I…



Ever felt flustered?

The feeling of intense stress multiplied by pressure and significant strain to boot.

The point of zero energy where you seem to be doing the routines. Just like that.

The state of acute busy-ness when you are doing a lot of things. Yet, things don’t get done. Ever.

A downward spiral of things pilling on higher and higher. Larger and larger. Deadlines after deadlines given a miss.

The inability to answer a question about the status or progress or

When will this be completed….?

Who am I?
I am a Manager/Executive/COO/CEO; take your pick.

Blame-gaming and Cover-your-ass time has long since gone. So has the power of shame to be…


Be ready!



What was he doing?

He was busy taking notes when all else around him was going to bits.

The project that the whole team had worked so hard for was canned. We didn’t know what our future was going to be.

Bhargav was our project manager. The writing was on the walls, and here he was, with a poker face. Bhargav was sitting at the head of the conference room table, taking notes. He looked up a couple of times, eyes focused on the distant horizon.

In slow motion, the head dipped down. …


A dialogue from “The Wall”.

Bhrigu Lake Trek by IndiaHikes.

What’s there is there!

Summary: Meet our protagonist Rahul. If you missed the previous three stories, here is the link to the first part. I continue to observe and write about him.

Rahul, athlete, vagabond, teacher, trainer, tinkerer, trekker; forever on the move and searching for something.

Can Rahul ever be domesticated?

Rahul and Sakshi made a super couple, personal and business. They knew exactly what they wanted and how they wanted it.

Their lodging/retreat/restaurant business was going great. It was a mandatory pitstop for trekkers to and fro. A free cloakroom was also set up along with outside showers with organic soap and…

Khullar base camp, Kuari Pass Trek. Pic Pravin Shekar

Which of your past experiences are you mixing up?
Rahul Part Three!

For Part 1 and 2, click here:

Our protagonist Rahul had spent five years gaining experiences. I continued to follow his progress, from a high-school athlete to a cook, trekker, and English teacher.

Rahul found himself on the slopes of the Himalayas. At peace. Not one day a repeat, always something new.

There was something else that found him on the slopes.

An opinionated feminist who signed on for his trek, taking offence at the use of terms and words. And attitudes and feelings.

That was Sakshi for you. In your face, with her words, expressions and emotions. You could…


Try it. It may like you!

Pic Pravin Shekar Trek to Bhrigu Lake, Himachal, India

Vagabonding as a way of life

Rahul, the same protagonist from an earlier story, returns. And so do I, as the observer and storyteller.

He has completed his education and decides a 9 to 5 job is not for him. Neither is something into entrepreneurship.

And so, Rahul decided to find out what he wanted.

He packed a backpack and started walking. Call it inspiration from Forrest Gump or just a calling to wander around.

He set temporary roots in Varkala beach first. Staying put in a small lodging that had an eatery upfront, run by the same establishment. Over the next few weeks, Rahul started…

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