Judging others, aren’t we super quick…?

What can I tell you about this Baskaran?

I have known him for years, still, am yet to understand him.

Every time we meet, he seems to be doing something new. Something different. Unconnected.

He seemed to enjoy it as well.

Travel to various parts of the world.
Rearing pets. Many pets. Dogs and cats.
Opening another business.
Advising at…

32 : Sridhar Part 2

Desire mixed Desperation, and a devil may care attitude is a powder keg combination.

I WANT THAT JOB. What am I ready to do for it?

This story of Sridhar Ramanathan is inspired by his Linkedin Post.
I am, as usual, an observer and a raconteur. In this case, the story core is Sridhar’s. The screenplay, dialogue, and masala addition: all mine!

25 years young, and I was clear about what I wanted to do.
At least where I wanted to work.

My uncle was surprised at this clarity, and my family was behind me. …



Ever felt flustered?

The feeling of intense stress multiplied by pressure and significant strain to boot.

The point of zero energy where you seem to be doing the routines. Just like that.

The state of acute busy-ness when you are doing a lot of things. Yet, things don’t get done. Ever.

A downward…


A dialogue from “The Wall”.

What’s there is there!

Summary: Meet our protagonist Rahul. If you missed the previous three stories, here is the link to the first part. I continue to observe and write about him.

Rahul, athlete, vagabond, teacher, trainer, tinkerer, trekker; forever on the move and searching for something.

Can Rahul ever be domesticated?

Rahul and…

Pravin Shekar

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